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Due to the exceptional situation of the Covid-19, the following services will not be provided:

- Store luggage. Please avoid leaving your bags in public areas. More information at reception.


- Breakfast and Restaurant, temporarily suspended.

- Coffee, Tea and Water Station at Reception..

The Reception  will have a schedule from 6 am to 11 pm


The safety of our guests and the entire team that makes up the Family of Hotel Ana Mary is the highest priority we have. Due to the risks associated with COVID 19 and following the guidelines from the World Health Organization (OMS) and the National Government, we have taken a number of additional measures to strengthen disinfection processes in our hotel. Within these, it is worth highlighting the following:


Anyone entering the hotel must comply with the following processes:

• Go through the Disinfectant Cover. In case of carrying suitcases with wheels, they must be rolled around the mat.

• Anything you carry with you such as bags, suitcases, packages etc. must be disinfected when entering the hotel.

• You must wear the mask. If you don't have one, we'll supply you with one.

• Undergo temperature intake control. If someone has flu symptoms or fever than or equal to 37.5°C, they should undergo a health evaluation.


• We speed up online check-in and check-out processes to ensure that the guest takes as little time as possible to enter their room. 

• In the case of guests who enter for check-in, they must sign a document (which will be sent to their mail or whatsapp) certifying that they are in good health and undertake to give notice to the hotel with in fifteen (15) days of the date of their check-out they become able to have any health eventuality related to COVID-19. 

• All our guests receive a welcome kit with personal protective elements upon arrival.

• Room keys are disinfected before being handed over to the guest.

• In the case of check out, we have online payment platforms so that the guest can cancel their outstanding balance prior to the departure of the hotel and only leave the key at the reception. Similarly, all bill will be emailed.


• The common areas and areas of operations of our hotels are cleaned and disinfected daily. In addition, general spray disinfection is performed at least once a day (Areas of greater movement are disinfected twice each day)

• All frequent contact points in public areas such as: door handles, counters, tables, etc. are cleaned daily and continuously disinfected during the day.

• All areas of the hotel were marked in such a way that the requirements for distance between people are met.

• We have reconfigured the reception layout to ensure that safe distances are maintained between guests and customers.

• In all public baths there are soap and disposable towel dispensers, as well as instructions for proper hand washing.

• In all areas of the hotels, hand sanitizers are properly approved with their respective hand hygiene instructions.


• The rooms were subjected to a review process, in which all those elements that could pose risks to the transmission of the virus were removed.

• Remove all stationery.

• For each room that receive a new guest,  will have a complete spray disinfection process and steam machine.

• In addition, a set of amenities is placed  properly packed and disinfected.

• TV and air conditioning controls are delivered clean, disinfected and packed in sealed bag.

• Interval period applied between guest stays.


• At the moment, we will not offer restaurant service.


• We adapt our service areas for employees to ensure that employees can fully comply with biosecurity protocols.

• All of our staff's uniforms are  washed and disinfected in the organization's laundry facility.

• When entering at work, all employees are controlled in temperature and checkups are done throughout the day.

• All staff received training on prevention measures, mainly with regard to hand washing, social distance and the use of protective elements. Both at work, at home and on the move between the two places.

• All the staff have the appropriate personal protective elements for the work they perform (Masks, gloves etc.). Likewise they are duly trained in the use, handling and replacement of these implements, to ensure optimal hygiene.

• All supplies and materials are duly disinfected before being admitted to the hotel.

• All suppliers will be greeted by an other entry than the reception and must undergo temperature control and disinfection procedures.


• In the event of any visitor or employee with possible suspicion of contagion, we have established procedures for their isolation in a safe area to provide medical assistance immediately, by calling 169 or by contacting the R.O.S.A. system (Automatic Health Operational Response,, a digital practice that can be used via WhatsApp +507 69972539)

• If someone with a positive coVID-19 sign is detected, there is a protocol for tracking and crossing information to identify possible contacts and areas where the person may have been. There are also disinfection procedures for all potential areas of danger of contagion.

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