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Veraguas has many destinations to offer, come discover them.

Santa Catalina


Experience amazing moments in one place, Santa Catalina. Located in the Veraguas’ Pacific coast, this town is noted for its famous and beautiful beaches with perfect waves for surfing.


Coiba National Park

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to dive and swim with ‘The Big Ones’ of the sea. In an hour by boat from the Pacific coast of Veraguas (Santa Catalina), you will visit one of the largest marine parks in the world, its exuberant biodiversity and its great variety of species that led it to become a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO.

La Yeguada Forest Reserve


In this place you will have the opportunity to enter the trails enabled to enjoy its flora and fauna, you can also appreciate wonderful waterfalls, which are located within the protected area, to take a bath with the passage of the refreshing waters of the rivers San Juan, the Satro and Espavé.

Waterfall route in Santa Fe


Santa Fe is a beautiful little town, nestled in the towering mountains Veraguas. It's one of the adventure hotspots for hikers and waterfall enthusiasts. 

Religious Tourism


The Church of San Francisco de la Montaña is only 16 kilometers from the city of Santiago. This historical monument was founded in 1621, was declared a National Heritage in 1937.

The date of the beginning of the celebrations of Jesus Nazarene in the community of Atalaya is unknown, and over the years it became a religious center and a haven of peace for all Catholic parishioners in Panama.


Museums & Attractions  

The Santiago Apostle Cathedral is a Catholic Church and is located in the city center, 1 km from the Ana Mary Hotel.

The Juan Demóstenes Arosemena Normal School is a building with historical, cultural and educational value. Founded in 1941, for teacher training nationwide.

In the Interactive Center of the Panama Canal you can take a tour and learn about the operations, history and biodiversity of the interoceanic route.

The Regional Museum of Veraguas occupies a building that dates from the early twentieth century and was once home to the national guard and the town jail. Now it is a place full of history, culture and traditions.

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